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Honey Kalaria Blog > January 2011

I was privileged to meet Amitabhji quite a few times, including at the Bade Miya Chote Miya premiere which one of my companies was sponsoring. It was a red carpet event at an East London cinema, with 000’s of people swarming everywhere. Luckily as I was one of the main sponsors, I enjoyed some privacy as a special guest in the VIP lounge where I enjoyed chatting and taking photos with “Big B”. On another occasion, I worked with him on the sets of “Mohabbatein” where my company was involved in providing 300 artists for the shoot – actors, dancers and extras. He was a delight to work with, always ready on the sets on time and very disciplined in his work. He spoke in a friendly manner to my students and myself, but was also strict when it came to work time. We met again at the IIFA (International Indian Film Fare Awards) launch at the House of Commons. He came along and made a speech with his deep voice (which he is so well known for) about bringing Bollywood to Yorkshire. It made me remember the time when I had promised all those around me in 1997, that if no one knows what Bollywood is in the UK, I will make it my mission to make sure people of all cultural backgrounds will know about Bollywood. And here we were – the whole of UK embracing Bollywood! It was really satisfying to see, watch and hear!  Each time I meet Amitabh Bachchan, my respect for him grows as he is a true super star. I have found that those people who ARE true stars normally remain very humble, whilst others who are trying to BE stars, throw tantrums and unfortunately have a lot of behavioural issues related to their ego. Other experiences included my students meeting Amitabh  - a student from Southall had a sincere desire to meet him, and so kept going and waiting outside his house in Juhu, Mumbai during his holiday in India.  You won't believe this, but, his wife, Jaya Bachchan, must have seen him come there regularly and invited him into their home to sit, talk and have some refreshments!!!! Dreams can come true I have taught all my students, if you have faith and belief, and this is a perfect example!



Upon meeting him, I learnt that either Amitabh Bachchan is really TALL!!!! Or I am really short!!!! Or BOTH!!!!!



I have many movies that I really enjoyed watching of his, especially the old ones such as The Great Gambler, Silsila and Sharaabi. I also enjoyed choreographing stage shows using songs from his films such as Major Saab and Alladin.   



Whilst working closely in the industry I also discovered that Amitabhji was the narrator for the film Jodhaa Akbar – one of my favorite movies. He is known to be an amazing actor and I totally agree – not has he worked in hundreds of films, but also received awards such as Filmfare Best Actor and National Film Award for best actor in the film Paa.  



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